Makerspace Training Camp

Lawton Public School (LPS) teachers, a part of the Makerspace Summer School program, are learning some new teaching techniques this week to take to the classroom. 

The camp was put on by the LPS EdTech team in partnership with Oklahoma State University (OSU) for STEM training. Primary and secondary teachers were a part of the training held.

Dr. Jovette Dew, OSU Director of STEM, is one of the instructors for the training camp. She explains why hands-on learning is beneficial for students.

“Hands-on learning is so important because we can apply it to everyday life,” Dew said. We want to help the students learn more about engineering.”

The training allows teachers the opportunity to do the same projects that their students will be working on in the classroom. World Language and Spanish teacher Carlos Irizarry was excited about learning new ways to teach. 

“This is a wonderful opportunity,” Irizarry said. “The excitement level that we as teachers see from one another is going to be multiplied in fold in the classroom.”

The training is a week-long course and once the teachers are done they will use these new techniques for the program and in the upcoming school year. Emake Ugiomoh, MacArthur Middle School Technical Applications Program teacher, likes how the program will help each student on every education level.

“Everyone learns differently, everyone approaches problems differently and as teachers we can enjoy their process of thinking through things,” Ugiomoh said. “You get to enjoy their growth.”

The teachers continue to find new ways to reach their students and teach them various applications for learning and development. They can’t wait to see students next week and get the projects going.