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Welcome to Lawton Public Schools! We are committed to making sure students arrive safely and on time for their classes. If you are a student who uses our bus system or a parent looking for information on routes and pick-up times, this page should provide answers to most questions you may have. Happy travels! 

Bus Route Information Here
Bus Routing Software: Infofinder


Zonar MyView is up and running. View the instructions to set it up on your phone.

In order to set up your MyView to track buses, you will need to follow these instructions:

Here are the steps to take to fix issues you may have. Check out our video tutorial as well.

1. In the app, tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner. 

2. Choose Buses You Follow 

3. Slide all buttons to the left to deselect the buses you are currently following. Now, once again search your bus by its bus number and select the new versions of the bus/buses you wish to follow and slide the button to the right to select (they will turn blue). Tap Next. A prompt appears: "You will no longer receive any notifications for the buses you have removed. Continue?" and click “OK”. 

4. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner again and go to Students and select your student. 

5. Slide the button to the right for the bus you want to follow for that student (button will turn blue), then select Finish. 

6. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner again and choose Alert Zones. 

7. Select the zone you wish to edit. 

8. If it is named correctly, tap Next. 

9. Choose which buses you want to be alerted for this zone by sliding the buttons to the right (button will turn blue). 

10.Tap Next 

11.Choose when you want to be alerted for the Alert Zone and tap Finish. 

Following these steps, your bus/buses should appear on the map. Alerts may take a few hours to appear, but should appear by the next school day. If you have any further issues or any questions, please utilize the Contact Support link that can be accessed when you tap the three horizontal lines.

Meet Our Team

Jay Hunt

Jay Hunt

Director of LPS Transportation


Michael Lewis

Transportation Supervisor


Kayla Hunt

Transportation Supervisor 

If you can't find the specific information you are looking for, click the names above to contact someone on our team!

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