Kyle Smith

The Executive Director of Operations is responsible for direct supervision of the Operation Services Department Directors, Supervisors, and Office Secretary. He develops an annual budget for the needs of the Operation Department which includes the Maintenance Department, Grounds Crew, Custodial, Media/Technology Center, Food Services, and Transportation Department.

Steve Dyer

The Child Nutrition Manager coordinates the preparation of meals, storage, and delivery of food. He also produces the district-wide lunch menus and maintains the LPS Child Nutrition Program to keep the district in compliance with the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program requirements. The Director also organizes a yearly Culinary Competition for the LPS elementary school children.

Kent Ledford

The primary goal of the Director of Maintenance is to ensure that all district facilities are maintained in a manner consistent with the highest standards of efficiency, safety, economy and functions which are fundamental to the purpose of the position. He advises the Superintendent and district on construction and budget matters.

Dave McDermott

The Media Operations Director provides support and assistance to the district for all printing, product design, delivery of produced products as well as basement supplies. He also ensures that the districts distribution route is completed on time and handles daily mail support, bulk mailings, and manages FedEx/UPS accounts. He is responsible for the management of the districts eRate program.

Trae Koch

The Transportation Director's main goal is to enable each student through safe and efficient transportation so they may be able to take advantage of the range of curriculur and extra-curricular activities LPS offers. The Director also develops and maintains bus routes and schedules for all schools through a computerized routing system.

AJ Watson

Director of Technology/Hardware Services oversees the installation, and maintenance and repair activities for technology and information service systems. He coordinates the technology for such occasions as Celebration, Graduations, and LPS Board Meetings. He initiates and implements all technology orders for the district.