Eisenhower Elementary School is a student-centered community that strives to provide a strong academic curriculum for its multicultural student population. We are proud to say that our students consistently perform at or near the top range in most subjects on the Oklahoma Curriculum Tests yearly. Eisenhower is a Literacy First Phase IV model school. Literacy First is a research-based, systematic, systemic and comprehensive reform process that accelerates reading achievement of all students in grades PreK to 12. This nationally validated process is approved for use and implemented in Reading First schools, as well as in Comprehensive School Reform grant schools with proven success (literacyfirst.com).

Parents these are important words that will help your child.

High Frequency Words Click Here!

The first 100 words (list A) first grade students should know by the middle of first grade. The second 100 words (list B), first grade should know by the end of first grade. The third set of words (list C) includes 300 words, second grade should be able to read all 3 sets (total of 500 words) by the end of second grade.


The Eisenhower community is meeting the needs of the whole child: Educating for the future by preparing life long learners.

As our students leave and move to the next level of their education, we are confident that they are prepared for the challenges that they may encounter. Please take a moment to explore our site and learn about our wonderful school.

In 1961 a new elementary school was opened in Lawton. It was named Eisenhower after the 34th president of the United States. The first principal was Miss Monta Collins and there were 500 students.

In 1967, there were 22 teachers and six portable classrooms. Presently, there are 19 certified staff and 13 support staff. The enrollment at Lil' Ike is 206 students K-6.

Currently, we have 19 classrooms, a computer lab, a library, a music room, a gymnasium, and a cafeteria/auditorium.


Miss Monta Collins 1961 - 1964
Mrs. Ellen Harmon 1964 - 1983
Mrs. Jody Sherry 1983 - 1985
Mr. Raymond Reece 1985 - 1988
Ms. Mikel Shanklin Morris 1988 - 1994
Mrs. Sally Greenlee 1994 - 2003
Mrs. Sylvia Moore 2003 - 2013
Mrs. Tamie Barrett 2013 - 2016
Mrs. Lupe Ostruske 2016-currently




Blue and Gray




"Today . . . I will do more than I have to do;
I will treat others as I want to be treated,
And I will try to become a better person".
by Riney Jordan


Here's to the school where we like to go Here's to the school that's the best we know; Eisenhower, we love you, Hip, hip, hooray for the gray and blue. We have all the other schools beat by a mile, And we've had it on them for a good long while; So let's be up and doing, it's our best rule, Cheering loud and long for Eisenhower school. YES. IKE!