Implementation of the Incident Command System (ICS) 

In a major emergency of disaster, LPS buildings may be damaged or need to be evacuated, people may be injured and/or other incident management activities may need to be initiated. These activities must be organized and coordinated to ensure efficient incident management. The Incident Command System (ICS) will be used to manage all incident and major planned events. [Note: The ICS approach can be used in all phases of incident management, including pre-incident activities, response and recovery.]

The Incident Commander at each LPS site will be delegated the authority to direct all incident activities within the school's jurisdiction. The Incident Commander will establish an incident command post (ICP) and provide an assessment of the situation to the principal or other officials, identify incident management resources required and direct the on-scene incident management activities from the ICP. If no Incident Commander is preset at the onset of the incident, the most qualified individual will assume command until relieved by a qualified Incident Commander. 

School personnel are usually first on the scene of an incident in a school setting. Staff and faculty are expected to take charge and manage the incident until it is resolved or command is transferred to someone more qualified and/or to an emergency responder agency with legal authority to assume responsibility. Staff will seek guidance and direction from local officials and seek technical assistance from State and Federal agencies and industry where appropriate. 

The principal or his/her designee is responsible for activating the School EOP (Emergency Operations Plan), including common and specialized procedures as well as hazard-specific incident plans. the principal or designee will assign an Incident Commander based on who is most qualified for that type of incident.