Transfers for Lawton Public Schools

The Lawton Public Schools Board of Education policy allows students to transfer to another school within the District, providing the following criteria are met:

The parent/guardian must submit an application for transfer in the Student Services office between the dates of June 1st and the day prior to first day of school. Following this timeframe only applications of new enrollment will be accepted for the remainder of the semester. Applications for second semester will be accepted during the first 10 days of second semester. Following this timeframe only applications of new enrollment residents will be accepted for the remainder of second semester.

Following the 10th day of each semester a review will begin for consideration of all submitted applications based on the following considerations:

A. Student is actively enrolled and attending their resident Lawton Public School.

B. Availability of space, staffing, and programs at the requested school.

C. Disciplinary, transcript, and attendance records must meet regulations.

D. Parents/Guardians must understand they are responsible for the child's transportation

E. The transfer option is exercised only once per school year

F. Students should remain at the school to which they transferred for the completion of the school year

G. Completion of a secondary transfer will affect athletic eligibility

Each student's eligibility for transfer will be considered on an individual basis.

Once a transfer to a specific school has been approved and the student has attended the school to which the transfer was granted, renewal of the transfer to that school for the next school is automatic unless the transfer is revoked by principal or parent cancels at which time the student will return to their resident school.

Canceling or Revoking an Approved Transfer

A. Parents may cancel an approved transfer in which case the student would return to their resident school.

B. A principal may request that a student's intra-district transfer be revoked at any time based on 1) excessive absences, 2)

excessive tardies, 3) poor academic performance, and/or 4) discipline problems. The principal shall document evidence and hold a conference in person or by conference call with the director of Student Services or designee, the parent(s) and the Principal of the receiving school in the process of reaching a decision to approve or deny the principal's request.

C. Failure to comply with designated school hours could result in the transfer being revoked.

*Photo ID must be included when submitted electronically.



Open Transfer: Applications for an Open Transfer can be submitted between January 1 and May 31 for the following school year. Once approved, Open Transfers are valid for the duration of enrollment into Lawton Public Schools from that initial resident district. If the student/family move to a different neighboring district, a new application will be required. This instance does not require sending district approval.

Emergency Transfer: Application for an Emergency Transfer can be submitted between June 1 and May 31. Once approved, Emergency Transfers are only valid for the duration of the school year for which the application is made. A new application will be required each school year. Requires district approval.

Placement of transferred students will be at the discretion of the school district based upon the following criteria: Students entering the Lawton Public School District from Bishop, Cache, Chattanooga, Indiahoma or other western communities will attend Eisenhower High School, Eisenhower Middle School, or an Eisenhower feeder elementary school with adequate space available. Students entering the Lawton Public School District from Central High, Marlow, Elgin, Geronimo, Flower Mound or other communities to the north or east of Lawton will attend MacArthur High School, MacArthur Middle School, or a MacArthur feeder elementary school with adequate space available. Students attending Lawton Public Schools on an interdistrict transfer wishing to attend a school other than their residence school must apply for an intradistrict transfer. (See Board Policy FE-R1)