Students speak with veteran

Eisenhower High School’s Military Child club had the opportunity for the first time since the pandemic to sit down and visit with some of our local veterans at the Lawton Fort Sill Veterans Center.

Students visited the Center on Nov. 10, at 1:30 p.m. to spend an hour socializing with resident veterans while enjoying fresh coffee and doughnuts.

Kathleen Garrison, sponsor of the Military Child club, provided some insight on the importance of the social hour to the students and veterans.

“Our Military Child Student 2 Student club tries to come out and visit the VA Center at least twice a year,” Garrison said. “We try to come on Veterans Day and then again closer to Memorial Day.”

Coming out to see the residents at the Veterans Center gives both residents and students a chance to meet while learning about each other and spending quality time together.

“It’s a good time for the kids to come out. They can socialize, they can visit and hear the stories.” Garrison said. “You’ll find that most of them say that the stories are the inspiration. They hear a lot of it. This is living history for them.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, students were previously unable to visit the Center. Now, with new protections/policies in place, club members are once again able to enjoy their time with local veterans.

“We didn’t have as many students in the clubs because a lot of them were doing virtual learning, but they miss coming out,” Garrison said. “They miss coming out when they can’t be here – they do like that socialization, they like interacting.”

Despite the name, the Military Child club is not exclusive to students with parents involved in the military – anyone can join.

“It’s called the Military Child club, but it’s also Student 2 Student – it’s not just military,” Garrison said. “The goal of this is to reach out and get new locals and military incoming, so they have someone to reach out to, become friends with and feel like they’re accepted and appreciated in the community. We want them to know there’s always someplace to go, someone to be with so they’re not alone.”

For more information on Eisenhower High School’s Military Child/Student 2 Student club, contact Mrs. Garrison at