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Parents FAQs

General Information

Yes, although interactions will be limited as necessary based on the safety needs of our students. 

Yes. Only clear or mesh backpacks will be allowed this school year.

  • Yes, at this time we are not requiring a full semester commitment in order to do school virtually. 

Elementary students will follow the modified dress code found here on page 2:

Middle and high school students will follow the district’s dress code guidelines. (See above link)

  • Students will eat breakfast and lunch in their classrooms at their own desk, with the exception of pre-k and kindergarten who will eat in the cafeteria while practicing social distancing. For those who choose a school lunch, prepackaged, individually-wrapped meals will be available. Students may bring their own lunches, if desired. 
  • There will be no outside food brought into the building to share with classmates. This includes birthday treats. The exception will be pre-k and kindergarten snacks. The pre-k and kindergarten teachers will contact parents to share specific safety guidelines. 
  • No more than two classrooms will be utilizing the playground at one time. Adult supervision will be provided during recess to ensure safety. Students may need to wear a mask if social distancing is not possible. Hands will be sanitized before and after recess. 
  • If you are not yet enrolled in LPS, you can do so on our website. Once enrolled, you will receive a notification when we open up the options for families to receive the educational option for your student.
  • Teachers will reduce items in their classrooms in order to create space for social distancing. When possible, student desks face forward for the purpose of contact tracing, each teacher will maintain a class seating chart. Desks and chairs will be sanitized each school day. 
  • Students will have their own basic school supplies. Students will sanitize their hands prior to and following use of class instructional materials. Small group instruction and centers will be limited, and the area will be sanitized after each use. For 4th and 5th grade students who will be rotating classes, student areas (desks/chairs) will be sanitized in between each rotation. Students will carry personal belongings with them in a backpack. 
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations have been installed in the school. Students will be encouraged to sanitize their hands often. 

Masks are required, but we will work to be flexible with our younger students as needed. 

  • Individual student needs within this model will be addressed through the IEP or 504 team process.
  • IEPs will also now address a plan for any other circumstances that may require virtual intruction and or services.

Contact Special Services for specific information regarding special education:

The hybrid model is circumstantial and operates under traditional education. Students who take advantage of both traditional and virtual options would be considered hybrid model students. 

There will not be another Pre-K sign up. You can now go online and fill out the Online Registration form for Pre-K along with the LPS Check-In Form found on our website:

As soon as possible! Please follow the enrollment process from our registration page to sign-up:

Traditional students that must be away for the building for a short-term period due to self-quarantine, illness, or family emergency will fall in this category. The hybrid model is not an option for families to choose from.

The blended model falls under the “Virtual” model for students. Families have the ability to choose between Virtual Option A or Virtual Option B. For more information, please click here.

LPS is working to ensure these programs can still operate for both traditional and virtual students. 

You will not. We will send the forms electronically.

●    Students in grades PreK-3 are required to wear a face mask in all hallways and while being transported by school vehicle.
●    Students in grades 4-12 shall be required to wear a face mask while being transported by school vehicle, in all hallways, classrooms where social distancing is not possible, public spaces, and common areas of the school district.

  • Disposable masks will be available for anyone that does not have an appropriate face covering. 

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