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College Entrance Exams


Cameron University administers the ACT five test dates per year and Lawton High School offers two ACT tests as well. Cameron also gives the SAT on three dates--November, January and March. Any other SAT national test date would have to be taken out-or-town. Students must be registered for these tests at least six weeks in advance of the testing dates. Registration packets for both the Act and SAT are available in die Guidance Office.

Students with documented special testing needs or fee waivers should contact their counselors early in the school year for further information. For those special needs students who qualify for extra time, three national test dates are offered through the ACT -October, December and April. See the counselor for the extra forms to be included in the application.

Students do not have to take both the ACT and the SAT. Most colleges will accept either. Oklahoma schools prefer the ACT. If attending colleges in the East or West, the SAT is preferred. in the Midwest and South, the ACT is preferred.

ACT (American College Testing)

The ACT is a three hour multiple-choice test measuring achievement in four areas: English, math, reading and science reasoning. Each sub-test yields a score of 1-36. A composite score is derived from averaging the four sub-tests and is reported on a scale of 1-36.

SAT I Reasoning Test

The SAT I, provided by College Board, is a three hour multiple-choice test of verbal and mathematical abilities. Each section is scored on a scale of 200-800 with a composite score derived by adding the verbal and math scores.

SAT II (Subject Tests)

The SAT II Achievement Tests) are one hour subject matter tests administered by the College Board. In addition to the SAT I or ACT, some selective schools will require the results of the SAT II to consider you for admission.