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LPS Covid Summary

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Lawton Public Schools Possible COVID-19 Exposure Notice

This webpage will be updated regularly as positive cases are identified within the district. The district’s priority upon hearing of a probable positive case is to directly reach out to staff or parents affected and communicate next steps as it aligns with the safety guidelines and procedures. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the district cannot release names or details.

It is important that parents and staff remain in contact and communicate information for the safety of others with school leadership or administrators at the school site. Personal health procedures and extra disinfecting measures continue to be in place. District leadership remains in constant communication and in full cooperation with Comanche County Health Department.

All staff and parents of students who have been in close contact (6 feet or less for more than fifteen minutes at a time) with a positive case are being notified by the health department that their student will need to quarantine for 14 days. If you have not been contacted, you or your student have not met the requirements of a “Close Contact.”

SUMMARY of *Traditional Positive cases:

738 Total Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Tests since August 24, 2020

          286 employees (286 have recovered as of 04-29-21)
                             – 12 Douglass Learning Center 
                             – 4 Adams Elementary 
                        – 3 Almor West Elementary 
                        – 1 Brockland 
                        – 8 Carriage Hills Elementary 
                        – 21 Central Middle School  
                        – 6 Cleveland Elementary 
                        – 7 Crosby Park Elementary 
                        – 13 Edison Elementary

                             – 6 Eisenhower Elementary
                        – 10 Eisenhower Middle School 
                        – 29 Eisenhower High School 
                        – 15 Freedom Elementary 
                        – 5 Hugh Bish Elementary 
                        – 31 Lawton High School
                        – 6 Learning Tree Academy 
                        – 10 Lincoln Elementary   
                        – 13 MacArthur Middle School 
                        – 13 MacArthur High School 
                        – 5 Ridgecrest Elementary 
                        – 8 Pat Henry Elementary
                        – 6 Pioneer Park Elementary 
                        – 7 Sullivan Village Elementary 
                        – 21 Tomlinson Middle School 
                        – 2 Washington Elementary School 
                        – 6 Whittier Elementary School 
                        – 9 Woodland Hills Elementary 
                        – 9 Non-Certified staff (staff does not work in a school building)

         452 students (452 have recovered as of 04-29-21)
                         – 87 Eisenhower High School

                         – 75 Lawton High School 
                         – 57 MacArthur High School 
                         – 3 Gateway Success Center 
                         – 25 Central Middle School 
                         – 30 Eisenhower Middle School 
                         – 30 MacArthur Middle School 
                         – 23 Tomlinson Middle School 
                         – 3 Almor West Elementary
                         – 7 Carriage Hills Elementary 
                         – 6 Cleveland Elementary 
                         – 7 Crosby Park Elementary
                         – 13 Edison Elementary 
                         – 4 Eisenhower Elementary 
                         – 13 Freedom Elementary 
                         – 9 Hugh Bish Elementary 

                         – 3 Learning Tree Academy  
                         – 7 Lincoln Elementary 
                         – 6 Pat Henry Elementary 
                         – 7 Pioneer Park Elementary‚Äč
                         – 12 Ridgecrest Elementary 
                         – 9 Sullivan Village Elementary 
                         – 8 Whittier Elementary 
                         – 8 Woodland Hills Elementary 

Currently (as of 04-29-21)

0 staff members remain isolated by CCHD due to a positive test

0 students remain isolated by CCHD due to a positive test


 Total individuals are quarantined by CCHD due to “close contact.” (Updated 04-29-21)

         0 employees (Some staff were quarantined due to outside contacts and not related to the school setting.)

         1 students (All students quarantined should be participating in virtual instruction. Some students were quarantined due to outside contacts and not related to the school setting.)

(*Students who are virtual and not on campus are not included in this summary.)

CDC GUIDANCE: When you have been fully vaccinated (guidelines)

Watch the latest from the CDC regarding Face-to-Face Learning: 


COVID 10 Day Calendar   COVID 7 Day Calendar

LPS School District nurses work closely with CCHD to verify information received.

REMINDER: CDC-Close Contact Definition: For COVID-19, a “close contact” is anyone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes. An infected person can spread COVID-19 starting 48 hours (or 2 days) before the person had any symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.


If you are contacted by the Health Department, please follow their recommendations. We appreciate the Comanche County Health Department for their partnership and guidance in protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

For further questions, please contact the Comanche County Health Department at 580-248-5890. Thank you for your cooperation.