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Safety Committee

safety committee

Lawton Public Schools is committed to creating a safe learning environment for our students. In order to further this mission, LPS operates a monthly safety committee to address areas that may be a cause for concern. Check below for a list of minutes from past safety meetings to learn how LPS is working to keep our students and their families safe. 


Sept. 4, 2019 Oct. 2, 2019 Nov. 6, 2019
Dec. 6, 2019 Feb. 12, 2020 March 4, 2020
Sept. 2, 2020    


Sept. 4th, 2019 Dec. 6th, 2019 March 4th, 2020
Sept. 2nd, 2020    

Committee Members:

Brenda Breeze

Karen Cooksey

Lynn Cordes

Gary Dees

Daniel Ghrayyeb

Jose Guadarrama

Brent Hagen

Jack Hanna

Kevin Himes

David Hornbeck

Dr. Jason James

Donald McCaig

Carol McPhail

Chris Sharkey

Daniel Smith

Todd Smoot

Barbara Snow