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Concurrent Enrollment

concurrent enrollment

In addition to traditional and virtual classes, Lawton Public Schools offers concurrent courses through partnerships with state universities, allowing students to earn college credits while still attending high school. Over 100 students are already taking advantage of the program, earning over 600 credit hours collectively. If you or your student are interested in taking advantage of the program, please contact your student’s school counselor. The courses available include English Composition I, General Psychology, American Federal Government, Art Appreciation, Intro to Sociology and more! Concurrent classes are offered at all 3 of our high schools, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this great opportunity to earn college credit at a discounted rate.

Cameron University Concurrent Enrollment Requirements

Check the guidelines below to learn more:

1. No course work taken for college credit will be awarded a “weighted” grade. Grades will be recorded on the student’s high school transcript utilizing a four-point system.

2. Some college courses can be taken in place of the high school graduation requirement for core courses. Guidelines will be provided to each high school listing course available for core credit.

3. College elective courses can be taken in place of high school elective courses and upon successful completion will receive elective credit toward high school graduation requirements.

4. College courses taken as a core course requirement and dropped after ten (10) days will result in the student being enrolled into a class at their high school for the remainder of that semester.

5. Any expenses related to concurrent enrollment courses are the responsibility of the student’s parent or legal guardian. Lawton Public Schools will not be liable for expenses incurred while attending concurrent enrollment classes.

6. Students will be required to provide an official college transcript in order to have the credit properly included in their high school transcript.

7. Beginning with the 2010 – 2011 academic year, all concurrent enrollment courses will be factored in the student’s grade point average.