Preparedness, Prevention and Mitigation

Preparedness is achieved and maintained through a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating and taking corrective action. Ongoing preparedness efforts require coordination among all those involved in emergency management and incident response activities. LPS fosters preparedness at all levels including: students, parents, teachers and staff. Examples of preparedness actions include maintaining our various safety plans, conducting training, drills and exercises, and more. 

Prevention includes actions to avoid an incident or to intervene to stop an incident from occurring. LPS is committed to taking proactive prevention measures whenever possible to protect the safety and security of students and staff. Our policies include a no tolerance for bullying and other actions that undermine the safe haven or our schools. Recent upgrades to security systems and safe rooms have been and are currently being added to offer greater protection of our students. In addition, LPS requires all adults to display identification badges when visiting our schools. 

Mitigation includes activities to reduce the loss of life and property from natural and/or human-caused disasters by avoiding or lessening the impact of a disaster and providing value to the public by creating safer communities. LPS has taken action to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of natural, technological and human-caused hazards on people and property.

For example, of the hazards that can endanger a school facility and its service to the community, the most prevalent is fire. LPS buildings were built in accordance with State building codes, in the form of approved materials, fire-resistant assemblies, exiting requirements, the width and design of stairs, the dimensions of corridors, fire suppression systems, and many other standards. In addition to fire safety, LPS has safety and emergency procedures for a wide range of incidents including: school evacuation, bomb threat, active shooter, medical emergencies, tornadoes, severe weather, bullying and more.