Below is our new, more informative bond report format. You made the impossible happen, so we are committed to ensuring that everyone knows as much as possible about our bond progress. 

A few Extras to Note:

  • On January 5th, we met with our district-wide committees to begin planning for the equipment, technology and furniture components of the bond. Two staff members from each site, principals and district leadership met with Dr. Deighan. These members will help keep the sites informed as the district moves forward.
  • The district is on the fastest schedule legally possible to ensure that EMS and Safe Rooms start as ASAP! It takes MONTHS to get these things in place, but we are not wasting a day to ensure that we break ground in the Spring – as promised -- (Please see: Toby Dawn the Christmas Elf)
  • We had the LAWTON CAN Page to share information (it is still there, to keep us honest), but we have added the LAWTON SIP Page to store all updates and information as we move forward.

District staff members have worked extremely hard to move as fast as possible. We owe it to you to deliver on this bond and to keep you informed.  (*View SIP Project Updates)