Lawton Public Schools' Grant Department


The mission of the Grant Department is to equitably serve principals and teachers through collaboration by providing resources and support; ensuring students graduate as career bound citizens. 

Before Submitting a Grant: Know the LPS Procedure!

Step 1: Find a grant that requires no matching funds.

Step 2: Acquire your principal’s approval to apply for the grant.

Step 3: Complete the LPS Grant Pre-Approval Form, located on the Grant’s website.

Step 4: The grant will be reviewed by the Grant Department to determine if the individual can write the grant.

Step 5: The individual will be notified by e-mail that he/she can proceed and actually write the grant.

Step 6: Send the written grant to the Grant Department through the Grant Department website for final approval before submission to the granting entity.

Step 7: If it meets LPS criteria, the grant will then be passed on to the Finance Department for approval.

Step 8: If approved, Finance will send it to the superintendent for final approval.

Step 9: The individual will be notified that he/she has full approval to submit that specific grant to the granting entity.


Diana Landoll: Grants Director

580-357-6900 ext: 2057

Reagan Hall-Ousley: Asst. Director of Secondary Schools

580-357-6900 ext. 2061