Child Nutrition

The Lawton Public Schools Child Nutrition Department coordinates the preparation of meals, storage and delivery of food, and produces the district-wide lunch menus.

School Menu Prices Elementary Breakfast - $1.25 (Non-Students)
Elementary Breakfast – No cost (Students)
Elementary Lunch- $2.35
Secondary Breakfast- $1.25 (Non-Students)
Secondary Breakfast – No cost (Students)

Secondary Lunch- $2.60
Adult Breakfast- $1.75
Adult Lunch- $3.25
For Food Menus, go to Lawton Sodexo My Way. Free and Reduced Lunch:
To apply online for free or reduced lunches, please visit www.schoollunchapp.com 

Child Nutrition:
To learn more about child nutrition, please contact: Verna Alger - valger@lawtonps.org

Making Payments:
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