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Pre-K Students

Enrollment in the Lawton Public Schools’ pre-kindergarten program is open to any child who is 4 years of age on or before Sept. 1, of that school year.

Families must provide the following information in order to enroll: current immunization record, a state-issued official birth certificate and proof of residency.  A hospital-issued commemorative birth certificate is not acceptable.

Enrollment into pre-kindergarten programs at Almor West Elementary, Carriage Hills Elementary, Geronimo Road Elementary, Learning Tree Academy, Lincoln Elementary, Sheridan Road Elementary and Sullivan Village Elementary is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Additionally, families must live on Fort Sill in order to enroll their student at Geronimo Road or Sheridan Road elementary schools.

These schools offer a 2½-hour program, mornings or afternoons, depending on availability.  Parents are responsible for providing their student’s transportation.

Full-day pre-kindergarten programs are offered in cooperation with several LPS partners, including CrossRoads(Head Start) YFS/Beginnings Academy, Playcare/Smart Start , or through the Tincher, Grierson and Cooper daycare facilities at Fort Sill.  Wonder Years and Creative Moments daycares also offer half-day programs in conjunction with their standard services. These facilities may have their own qualifications and/or fees.

Before LPS can accept a student for enrollment from any of these sites, the family must obtain a permission letter from the facility.

General Enrollment Information

New Students:

All families new to the Lawton/Fort Sill area who plan to enroll their children in one of the schools operated by the Lawton Public Schools should visit their student’s school as soon as they arrive in the community. Except during the summer.

To determine which school a child should attend, check the elementary, middle school or high school area map for the community.  Any additional attendance area questions can be directed to LPS Student Services, by calling 580.355.2214.

The following documentation should be submitted at the time of enrollment:

  • The student’s current immunization schedule*
  • A state-issued official certificate of birth
  • Proof of residency

Seventh graders must present proof they have received the new TDap vaccine before they can be enrolled.

* Uncertain of what immunizations are required by the State of Oklahoma in order to enroll? Click Here

Immunization 2013

Returning Students:

Students previously enrolled in an LPS school who left Lawton and are now returning should visit the school serving their attendance area.

Students Moving to a New Location inside Lawton:

Families changing residences within Lawton that results in a change in their attendance area must first obtain the proper permission from LPS Student Services (580.355.2214) if they are elementary-age, or the Executive Director of Secondary Education (580.357.6900) if they are in middle school or high school.  If the family moves to a new residence, but stays within the school’s attendance area, they simply present a new proof of residency document to their school.

Current Students:

Students remaining at the same LPS school from one year to the next, or moving up a level (elementary to middle school, or middle school to high school) are automatically pre-enrolled and need do nothing at the start of the school year.

All Students:

Whether or not they are a new enrollee, every LPS student must visit his/her school on the designated check in days each August. This allows the school to verify student information and provide class schedules or any school-specific information not previously distributed.

To save time enrolling, print and complete an enrollment packet.  Choose from one of the following options:

Here are some other important documents you may wich to download and print: