Freedom Severe Weather Procedures
Freedom Severe Weather Procedures
David Duncan
Tuesday, March 28, 2017

During severe weather watches, we follow the procedures established by Lawton Public Schools and Fort Sill.  The procedures for a Severe Weather Watch are as follows:

  • Monitor NOAA Weather Stations
  • Bring all persons inside the building.
  • Review weather drill procedures with all students.

When a Severe Weather Warning has been issued or spotted near Freedom Elementary, the following will take place.

  • Sound the Weather Alert Alarm.
  • Students and staff will immediately proceed to their assigned safe room 
  • Remain the the safe area until the warning expires or Fort Sill gives the "All Clear"
  • LPS Notification via text and phone call messaging announcing severe weather lock down and then again once the "All Clear" has been given

We take all Severe Weather Warnings seriously.   During a Severe Weather Warning, students will not be released until after the "All Clear" has been given by Fort Sill.  All students and staff will follow procedures taking shelter in their assigned safe room so it will not be possible to release students during this time.  Doing so would put those concerned in danger.  Freedom has four (4) safe rooms built to FEMA standards to withstand F-5 category tornadoes and have the capacity to occupy all students and staff.  All safe rooms are equipped with restrooms and water.  We have tornado drills on a regular basis to ensure students and staff know and understand the procedures in case of a tornado.

We encourage all parents to keep safe by seeking shelter during a Severe Weather Warning and to wait for the "All Clear" from Fort Sill before coming to school to pick up your child.


Mikel Shanklin, Head Principal