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Sullivan Village

Sullivan Village was named for the Sullivan family, who in 1964 donated the land that the school was built on. In the 2007-08 school year Sullivan Village was awarded a three-year grant from the Oklahoma Council for Teacher Preparation, for the implementation of Literacy First, a comprehensive reading process. We were also a pilot school for a Healthy Kids grant during the 2008-09 school year. The purpose of the Healthy Kids grant is to promote physical fitness with our students.

Sullivan Village Elementary is a Great Expectations school. Our goals are: To ensure success for all students, to build positive self-esteem, and have high expectations. We believe in the ability of every individual to learn, and develop a climate of mutual respect while providing a well-rounded education for every learner.

Mission Statement

Sullivan Village is committed to providing a safe, positive learning atmosphere that will challenge students to strive for scholarship, leadership, and citizenship.

Vision Statement

At Sullivan, we will ensure that we are addressing the learning styles of ALL students through an enriched curriculum using current strategies and our instruction is data driven.

  Labels for Education


Keep saving your Labels for Education UPC's. We can earn double points for our school for all points collected through December. Thanks for helping our school!