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Lawton, OK 73505

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Welcome to Eisenhower Elementary

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Eisenhower Profile

Eisenhower Elementary School is a student-centered community that strives to provide a strong academic curriculum for its multicultural student population. We are proud to say that our students consistently perform at or near the top range in most subjects on the Oklahoma Curriculum Tests yearly.

Eisenhower is a Literacy First Phase IV model school. Literacy First is a research-based, systematic, systemic and comprehensive reform process that accelerates reading achievement of all students in grades PreK to 12. This nationally validated process is approved for use and implemented in Reading First schools, as well as in Comprehensive School Reform grant schools with proven success (


Literacy First Process

  • closes the reading gap of all AYP subgroups as demonstrated on nationally normed assessments

  • causes teachers to be more “consciously competent” about the reading process

  • refines teachers’ instructional skills;

  • strengthens principals’ instructional leadership skills

  • offers flexible models to scale from individual schools to larger school districts customizes to meet the needs of any school no matter needs or size

As our students leave and move to the next level of their education, we are confident that they are prepared for the challenges that they may encounter. Please take a moment to explore our site and learn about wonderful school.

"Both of my children went to this school. I then changed duty stations to Omaha, Nebraska. You don't know what you have until you leave. This is a great school with many advanced programs".

Mark Franklin, Parent



School Song Lyrics:

Here's to the school where we like to go Here's to the school that's the best we know; Eisenhower, we love you, Hip, hip, hooray for the gray and blue. We have all the other schools beat by a mile, And we've had it on them for a good long while; So let's be up and doing, it's our best rule, Cheering loud and long for Eisenhower schoo. YES. IKE!

Mission Statement:

The Eisenhower community is meeting the needs of the whole child: Educating for the future by preparing life long learners.